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What Should You Be Looking for at an Open House?

Open HouseWhen you go to attend open houses during your home search, you may feel overwhelmed about knowing what to look for and what questions to ask. There are so many elements to buying a house from the amount you can afford to pay in your monthly budget to choosing the right neighborhood for your family. While you don’t want to attend too many open houses and confuse yourself, it is helpful to go to many open houses to compare and contrast the conditions of different features in the home.

Check out a few open houses in your neighborhood and work with a realtor on finding the perfect home for you by discussing your budget, your family’s needs, and your ideal lifestyle. Take a look at some of the mistakes people often make when attending open houses that hinder them from getting all of the information they need.

People often forget to ask questions

Don’t be like those people who forget to ask questions during the open house. You should be prepared with many questions. Don’t buy a home without asking all of the right questions because it’s too important of an investment. Ask about things like the current condition of the home, the vibe in the neighborhood, the closets grocery stores, and where the circuit breaker lives.

Trusting the current owners without double checking

While the current owners of the home may be very kind and transparent, it’s important that you do your own research before signing on the dotted line. Just like with the purchase of a car, you would want to do a check on the history of this used asset you are purchasing. Rather than just believing everything you hear, make sure you are checking for past damage, a repair history, and what problems could come up in the future.

Focusing too much on aesthetics

aestheticsWhile it’s important to walk into a clean, organized, and neutral-colored home, don’t forget that you can always change the cosmetics with the home once it’s yours. Don’t get so caught up on the current state of the home from the white carpets to the green paints; these are all things you can customize to your preference later. You may see some clutter or poor decorating taste, but when it’s yours, you can go nuts. Try to envision a blank slate to work with where you can hang your favorite paintings and incorporate great new furniture.

Showing up unprepared

In addition to forgetting to show up with questions and getting too caught up with the current state of the house and taking the word of the current owners, people often forget to show up with an agent on their side. It’s important to have someone that has your back, can help you remember all of the questions you need to ask, and can be your negotiator when it’s time to put down an offer.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the process of attending open houses and what it all entails; come prepared and use the information you gain to make an educated decision.


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